The DVSA has set out exactly what it takes to be a safe and responsible driver. This is the National Standard for Driving Cars (Category B).

The National Standards set out what drivers need to be able to do, and the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to be able to do it.

JUST Driver Training use these standards as the basis for the training that we cover in your driving lessons.

JUST Driver Training provide a comprehensive range of driver training from first driving experiences to new learner, on the road sessions, from refresher driver sessions to driving instructor training.

On road driving preparation

The sooner you start learning the rules of the road the easier you’ll find it. Preparing for, and taking, your theory test will help you with this and below you will find various tools that you may find useful.

  • Theory Test Pro: recommended to help as part of the preparation towards your theory and hazard perception test, JUST Driver Training pupils benefit from free access to this site – ask your instructor for details.
  • The Highway Code: available as a book, eBook, interactive CD-ROM and many other useful ways online.
  • Driving Essential Skills
So you’ve made the decision and now it’s time to learn to drive.

Whatever the motivation to start your driving lessons, you’ll have decisions to make about who is going to teach you.

Ask yourself if you want to:

  • Learn to drive as a life skill, not just pass your test?
  • Be a confident, safe driver with good technical skills?
  • Pass your driving test with ease?
  • Learn with a local, highly experienced and qualified instructor?

JUST Driver Training can help you achieve all this and more!

JUST Trained

Passing your test isn’t the end of learning to drive, it’s only the beginning! As you become more experienced you’ll learn more about becoming a good driver, but you can also do more training to help you learn; maybe also to bring down the cost of your car insurance.


1 hour = £39.00 per hour

5 hours = £195.00 

10 hours = £380.00



According to statistics, new drivers are more likely to have an accident in the first two years of passing their driving test, due to a lack of driving experience.

The Pass Plus scheme is a practical driving course, aimed at new drivers and designed by the DVSA.

The course aims to build your skills and knowledge after you’ve passed your driving test, helping you become a more confident and safer driver.

Taking a Pass Plus driving course can help to reduce your chance of an accident and may also reduce your insurance premiums.

The Pass Plus course is a minimum of six hours additional driving, which will cover the following:

  • Town Driving lessons
  • All Weather Driving lessons
  • Out of Town & Rural Roads
  • Night Driving lessons
  • Dual Carriageway Driving Lessons
  • Motorway Driving lessons

These modules will help to develop existing skills whilst learning new techniques. You’ll specifically work on improving anticipation, awareness and planning for, and dealing with, all kinds of hazards, learning how to reduce the risk of accidents, in addition to maintaining a courteous and considerate attitude to other road users.

Your Pass Plus course will be personalised to suit your individual future driving requirements, but will typically be run over a route of around 200 miles.

The Pass Plus course doesn’t involve a test, but you are assessed throughout and to pass you will have to meet the required standard in all modules. Upon completion of the Pass Plus course you will receive a certificate from the DVSA and could reduce your car insurance costs.

£275.00 –  (reduced to £250.00 if using your car) BOOK NOW ON 0800 112 3370

Ask about the Rutland County Council Pass Plus subsidy




Currently learner drivers are not permitted to drive on motorways, which is why when you pass, you will have no experience of driving on motorways.

Motorway driving is much faster and often there can be much more traffic than you are used to. That’s why your decisions need to be the right ones.

There are far fewer crashes on motorways than any other road, but when a crash does happen, the consequences are likely to be far more serious.

Motorway lessons help to develop the key skills involved with safe, progressive and confident use of these high speed roads; with the opportunity to gain experience of merging onto and exiting from motorways, lane changing, overtaking and use of speed, all with the support of your instructor.

In addition you’ll gain an understanding of the rules and regulations involved in motorway driving and be more able to make the right decisions when it counts.

£150.00 – BOOK NOW ON 0800 112 3370



JUST passed your driving test but still a little unsure about certain aspects of driving? Passed your test some time ago but you JUST haven’t driven a car in a while?

In our working lives we all accept the benefit of ongoing training to grow our knowledge and skills and avoid becoming rusty. So why should it be any different with our driving?

The value of post-test training is widely accepted as being beneficial throughout the driving industry, as something that provides both the newly qualified and more experienced driver with an opportunity to further develop and build their skills.

Increasingly more drivers are realising that they would benefit from extra tuition and are taking refresher driving lessons.

Whatever your requirements, our refresher lessons cover a wide range of driving needs and are designed to provide help and support to drivers:

  • JUST wishing to improve your existing skills such as roundabouts, parking (reversing, bay or parallel parking), understanding traffic signs or speed awareness.
  • JUST looking to develop eco-driving techniques with a view to reducing motoring costs.
  • JUST overcoming a motoring fear such as motorway driving, night driving, driving in poor weather conditions.
  • JUST experienced a change in your personal circumstances, placing additional reliance on travelling by car.
  • JUST wishing to increase your confidence following involvement in a road traffic incident, or maybe it’s UK familiarisation driving lessons.

Whatever your needs, JUST Driver Training are here to help you!

Full licence holders / refresher lessons – £45.00 per hour