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Driving lessons Oakham Uppingham, Rutland, Melton, Stamford
You can book two hour driving lessons here, if you would like to book more hours add a second booking to the basket to purchase:


You can also book longer courses of lessons here:


Stewart Old – Driving Instructor – Oakham

After 20 years in Sales and Marketing which included many varying training roles, I saw the light and realised that it wasn’t sales that I was particularly interested in; what really motivated me was training people to achieve their goals and watch them develop newly found skills.

Over the years II’ve always had a great love of driving and so the combination of the two was an easy and simple choice!

It’s fair to say that I’ve always been competitive, whatever I do I’ve always tried to be the best I can be, so it figured that once I qualified as a Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), I would work to try to be the best possible instructor I could be.

I have subsequently undertaken significant additional training and development, to support the extensive practical experience and knowledge that I have gained as a trainer, for the benefit of everyone I train.

In true Top Gear style . . . .

Some say that I’m the best instructor they have ever had (actually this has been said by many of my pupils) and that I’m one of the funniest people they have known (in fairness it’s actually my Wife that said this)! It’s also been said that I can tell a story or twelve, have a good sense of humour and that I’ve got amazing levels of patience (well to be honest this is kind of essential in my job). All that I know is that I’m Stewart of JUST Driver Training.

Richard Bransby – driving instructor – Market Harborough

What did you do before becoming a driving instructor?
Since university I have worked in the retail industry within various roles in buying and merchandising. For the previous 10 years I have been involved with developing and delivering various training programs and induction courses to develop and underpinning key skills within these departments. During this time I have created and delivered (far too many to remember) 1-2-1 training and tuition programs for new starters through to directors. This has given me a great understanding of client centred learning techniques.

Why did you become a driving instructor?
I love training and coaching people and transferring skills and knowledge, I love cars and driving. I have always wanted to work for myself and make my own decisions! Over the last 20 years I have also developed a growing dislike of the daily drudgery of commuting to London on the train and starting the day on a cramp and claustrophobic tube! When my last job came to an end I decided to take the best elements from previous jobs and combine with my personal interests. Becoming a driving instructor was an easy decision.

What do you enjoy about training people?
It is a great feeling knowing you have instructed and transferred your skills onto others and to have developed a safe driver with new life-skills. Driving gives people freedom and amazing opportunities; it’s great knowing you have helped make this possible.

What’s your favorite car?
I love classic British Sports cars. With much thought I would say my favourite would have to be an Austin Healy 3000. They were made between 1959 – 1967, but most were exported to the USA. It was easily one of Abingdon’s finest creations. Would I like to own and drive one on the road – not a chance! Whilst old British Sports cars are beautiful, they are just too dangerous should something go wrong. This was the era when before safety was ever an issue.

What do you do when you’re not in the driving seat?
My main passion outside of the car is radio presenting. I have been a presenter on Market Harbourgh’s local radio station HFM for the six years after a friend at a party challenged me as a throw away comment had a bet that I wouldn’t have the guts to go down the station and basically make it happen. But after completing a radio course starting with local news and various features on others radio shows, I was offered to present and produce my own regular weekly show with a great slot every Saturdays 5-7pm. I won the bet; I am quite competitive!!

What’s your pet hate in the Road?
Where do I start! There are loads, but they all have one thing in common – any activity where safety is compromised through selfish actions. People on mobile phones, speeding through built up areas, driving too fast for the road condition, not making progress in the middle lane of the motorway, drink-drivers. I’ll stop there!

What’s your favourite holiday destination?
I have a young family so we have never gone too far from Europe. We love Tenerife, mainly because of Sion Park, easily the world’s best water park. Wherever I go I always have to get a hire car and go exploring away from the obvious tourist traps (Sion Park excepted!)

Surprising fact about yourself?
My previous family car we used for school runs and driving and around town was a traditional Fairway London Taxi called Tim. I needed a big car for my family and I thought it ticked all the boxes. It could take seven people so we could do all the club runs for my kids as well as their friends, it was cool, it was iconic, it had the tightest turning circle and it was cheap! I used to write a blog about owning a London taxi as a family car and gave advise about repairs and getting parts. One day Tim’s first owner got in contact after reading the blog and gave me a run down of everyone famous who had been in the car over it’s 450,000 miles life (Did I mention the engine was bullet-proof!). Bit of a who’s who of the 80’s and 90’s. Why was the taxi called Tim? Well, I must confess Tim was not good at hills so we would often cry out “Come on Tim” not dissimilar to the chant at Wimbledon in the Henman era.

Vanessa Solly – Driving Instructor – Oakham

What did you do before becoming a driving instructor?

Spend twenty years working in the Horticultural Industry as a product development manager and account management. Main roles designing hardware and packaging for plants and flowers, selling to supermarkets such as Morrisons to DIY stores like Homebase to online retailers like Next.

All in all, a very creative job keeping up with trends in a fast pace environment.

Why did you become a driving instructor?

I’ve always had a passion for cars and driving. Have always enjoyed working with people of all ages and helping them to develop. So being able to teach a skill that you are passionate about just felt so right. 

What do you enjoy about training people?

Seeing people develop new skills and achieving their end goal.

What’s your favourite car?

Audi RS4 Avant as a practical car and Aston Martin DB9 GT for a run around

What do you do when you’re not in the driving seat?

Spending quality time with my family and friends and getting out in the fresh air in the country side walking my two dogs.

What’s your pet hate on the Road?

People using mobile phones and vehicles not signalling on roundabouts

What’s your favourite holiday destination?

Tuscany in Italy, beautiful scenery, tasty food, good wine and great weather

Surprising fact about yourself?

I used to drive 7.5 tone lorries and forklift trucks in my early twenties

Sonny Sunderland – Driving Instructor – Uppingham

What did you do before becoming a driving instructor?
I became a police officer just before my 21st birthday and served in many areas of the force before returning to the bright lights of London. I’ve had various different roles and completed many driving courses during my time with the Response Team and after 30 years I reckoned I’d done my bit for Queen and Country, hung up my cape (old school!) and decided to retire to do something different.

Why did you become a driving instructor?
After a chance conversation with a driving instructor I met and, having spent 30 years helping people working in the police force, I knew I wanted to continue in that vein.

What do you enjoy about training people?
With driving instructing I know that the experience, understanding and patience I have gained from working in the police force helps others to develop a life skill that will allow them to flourish and achieve their best whilst developing safe drivers.

What’s your favourite car?
I’ve never really been a ‘petrol head’ but if picked a favourite car from my past it would be the car my father taught me to drive in – a Colt Lancer. My father went from old banger to old banger; this one seemed to get lighter every day, as something else fell off it, but as I learnt in the Lancer I remember it very fondly.

What do you do when you’re not in the driving seat?
I bought a piano for my daughter a couple of years ago but found I enjoy playing it too so I’m learning a few tunes on it! I play indoor football on Sunday mornings and enjoy the odd game of badminton and table tennis. I like the cinema and theatre and enjoy playing bowls at a local bowls club. I love old places and buildings so I like exploring. Lastly, I love taking a stress-relieving scenic ride on my Triumph Bonneville motorbike when the weather is good.

What’s your pet hate in the road?
I dislike seeing unsafe, selfish and inconsiderate driving. I particularly dislike when drivers do not give way to pedestrians and also find myself feeling rather frustrated if I’m trying to drive somewhere and the road signs are inadequate. Where would the modern world be without Google Maps??

What’s your favourite holiday destination?
I have been on two cruises with my family and thoroughly enjoyed visiting different places every day. In the UK I’m very fond of the South West, have travelled there many times and could easily be persuaded to finally retire there – many years from now of course!

Surprising fact about yourself?
I have owned a guitar, actually a few guitars, for over 30 years and I am little better now than when I first picked one up – I obviously need more time…!